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Reduce the length videos without quality loss
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Trim, cut and slice videos without decoding or encoding them and without losing any of the file's original quality. Supports AVI, MOV, MKV, WebM, WMV, FLV and other video formats.

Providing one of the easiest ways of cutting out video sections without losing any of the original quality, SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+ is a free utility that anyone can use to trim, slice, or select accurate sections of any AVI, FLV, WebM, MOV, WMV, MKV video file. Its visual timeline and slider-based functionality make it useful and suitable for all types of users.

Designed as a showcase of what SolveigMM Video Splitter and its wider range of functions can do for you, AVI Trimmer+ offers limited support in terms of output formats, can work with one video file at a time only, extracts audio streams from video files, and works with K-frame accuracy. Unlike frame accuracy – which cuts your video files using the exact position of the frames selected –, K-frame technology will move the pointer to the nearest key frame when setting up your cutting points. In most cases and for most uses, this cutting technology is accurate enough, but if you require frame-based accuracy you’ll be advised to upgrade to Video Splitter.

The program’s interface is simple enough to be of use for all kinds of users. You are allowed to work with one video file at a time, and you’re provided with a convenient and oversized preview window to help you select your cutting points in the most intuitive way. The bottom side of the interface has been reserved for the timeline, where you can see thumbnails of the video stream selected and a waveform graph of its corresponding soundtrack. Cutting points are easily selected by using the slider provided. The player will let you move from one key frame to the next to help you with the fragment selection, and you can select as many fragments as you wish and cut them all out in one single operation.

As a bonus, you can also benefit from a useful video slicing tool, which will let you split your videos into X equal parts or into as many parts as possible of the same size or duration. The video snippets will then be stored in any of the formats supported, including MP3 for audio extraction tasks.

SolveigMM AVI Trimmer+ is a nice and free appetizer for the real thing, i.e. SolveigMM Video Splitter. You can use and keep this tool for free for as long as you wish, or can also check your list of installed programs and open the trial version of Video Splitter Home Edition, which AVI Trimmer+ generously downloaded and installed for you, and see for yourself how its extended functionality works.

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Review summary


  • Slicing tool
  • Cuts various fragments at a time
  • Accurate time measurements
  • Slider-based simple functionality


  • One-feature tool
  • Showcase for SolveigMM Video Splitter
  • Installs SolveigMM Video Splitter Home Edition
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